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A Gallery of Images that Inspire (or Represent)


To see a slideshow of places and things that have inspired past and current projects, click the photo of the lady on the Danish palace bathhouse.

One of my favorite writing spaces--the old sleeping porch of my haunted house. I've since moved to an older farmhouse (which doesn't seem to be haunted), but I'm writing about the ghost who lives in this place, on Richmond's famous (and controversial) Monument Avenue.

Venice's Grand Canal at night--inspiration for Skön Kanal in The Kingdom of Little Wounds.

I collected a bunch of art deco objects to keep myself grounded in the ghost novel Influence.

I store some of the inspiring images for my latest novel, Mermaid Moon, on my "Landish and Seavish" Pinterest board.

Some of my favorite art deco objects--clothes, toiletries, inkwells, medicine, jewelry, what have you--can be found on my "Memento Deco" Pinterest board. This is where I store images useful for my twins-ghost-story-in-progress, Influence.



SINCE 1372
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